20 x 20 Exhibit Rental Guide on What Staff Should NOT Do on the Floor

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20 x 20 Exhibit Rental has delivered hundreds of impeccable exhibits to trade shows all over the world. You can have a booth that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, and if your staff is undertrained or undersupported by executive leadership, your booth will not achieve the marketing and sales objectives. Tradeshows differ from other retail environments where the sales techniques vary, there is so much purchasing power that can make or break a fiscal year for a company, so the sales pitches tend to be content rich with urgency and closing onsite. You have 3 seconds of attendee time to get them to stay in your booth, make the most of it, and train your staff to not commit sins against the staff commandments of the trade!

Thou Shalt Not Eat

Chewing, drinking, and selling do not go together. If your staff is chewing the fat around your conference table during trade show hours, you are missing out on crucial potential connections. Convention space is expensive as raw space, and 20 x 20 exhibit rentals are not inexpensive either. They are there to sell and perform. Not to eat. 20 x 20 Exhibit Rental offers solutions for catering for your trade show and our staff prepares schedules for your team.

Thou Shalt Not Preach

Preparation prior to the show is critical to the success of the show. Loading pitch decks, loading video reels, is all part of the prep for the shows and your sales staff will likely memorize the deck and crucial statistics to close sales. One very important thing to watch out for when you get to the trade show floor packing so much knowledge is not to overwhelm visitors or start preaching rather than interacting with your guest. We see this a lot, someone starts talking and the attendee’s eyes glaze over. This is bad. Ask questions, see if they are interested before launching into a lengthy brand superiority sermon.

Thou Shalt Not Cell Out

Personal cell phones should be strictly prohibited from your staff use during trade show hours. We offer full av packages which include tablets and laptops, so there is no temptation for your staff to go onto their devices. Of course they will need their devices, but not to make sales. This is why lockable storage is so important at a trade show exhibit, for valuables and promotional items, as well as locking up distracting cell phones, cells go in, not out.

Thou Shalt Not be Indiscreet

Indiscretion on or off the trade show floor is irreparable to a brands performance. Your staff needs to be fully aware of the consequences of this type behavior. Elevators, bathrooms, trade aisles, even if your staff is technically off the clock, your brand is showing 24/7. Train staff prior to consider all people in the tradeshow floor as final decision makers and keep opinions and sensitive information to themselves or withhold until staff meetings in the morning and evening.

Thou Shalt Not Form a Clique

Ever been to a trade show booth and it felt like Mean Girls? Cliques have no place on the trade show floor. If your staff is sharing inside jokes, using the trade show as a reunion, you are losing value of your booth. Your staff needs to be ready to attend to any client that comes in and circle around rather than sitting or talking to one another.
We recommend bringing your staff to the convention early by a day to go over all the best practices and presentation your brand is looking to communicate at your show of choice. Trade shows offer incredible chances for sales and if your sales team commits some of these sins, they lose as well. 20 x 20 Exhibit Rental offers full training and staff services for your next show.