G2E Expo 2019 Las Vegas: 20 x 20 Exhibit Rental Guide

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G2E Expo 2019 Las Vegas is coming October 15-17, is your exhibit rental ready? 20 x 20 Exhibit Rental is offering its’ guide to the international gaming event of the year. We have delivered booths to this event for over 20 years and the show is only gaining more traction and becoming more important to brands seeking recognition in this industry. This event is the largest gathering of tribal, global, and commercial gaming entities and offers a first look at new products, technologies, and education. Whether your business is centered around casinos, sports betting, nongaming amenities, or digital products, the trade show floor of G2E offers a real opportunity to accelerate your gaming business.

Who is attending?

According to the exit polls from last year and surveys for this year, G2E exhibits offers compelling data for exhibitors to consider when showing at G2E. Over 27,000 gaming industry professionals are expected at G2E 2019. More than 400 exhibitors are gaming industry leaders and over 90 are new exhibitors. 106 countries are represented and 52 states and territories, offering a global reach far beyond most domestic trade shows. 37% percent of attendees are coming for educational purposes and 13.5% are international attendees. 90% are involved in the buying process, 83% say that this expo influences their buying in the next fiscal year, and 80% say that this is the single most important show in their industry. When you consider a trade show as a business accelerant, the decision making power of attendees, coupled with the global brand exposure potential reaching 27,000, it is almost imperative to have a presence on this floor.

What are attendees looking to buy?

If you are not sure where your product or service falls within the gaming industry, to further inform your decision, consider the top ten products and services that attendees are looking to fulfill at the G2E.

  1. Igaming, Mobile, Social Gaming
  2. Bingo/Lottery
  3. Table Games
  4. Sports betting
  5. Slot gaming, machines, and components
  6. Food and Beverage
  7. Cage Finance and Supply
  8. IT and Security
  9. Casino Marketing
  10. Compliance, Legal, and Regulatory

The range of buying within these disciplines is massive and offers opportunities for a wide array of exhibitors to show at G2E, from traditional, to nontraditional.

Other Ways Your Brand Benefits from Attending G2E

Business acceleration goes beyond filling orders at a trade show. Intangible business acceleration is realized in terms of heightened or increased brand awareness and product launches through the massive media presence at G2E. It costs thousands of dollars to run a public relations campaign for a product launch and it is uncertain you will get media placements. According to show organizers the following news outlets will be covering the show; ABC News, Bloomberg News, CDN Gaming Report, CNBC, ESPN, Forbes, Gambling Compliance, Las Vegas Trade Show Company Review Journal, Legal Sports Report, and Reuters. Organizers estimate over 450 members of the press will be in attendance. If you have an exhibit and a product that is noticed at G2E exhibit design, you have the opportunity for real media coverage.

How do I show to the best advantage at G2E?

20 x 20 Exhibit Rental has a variety of models of exhibits in the 20 x 20 exhibit space that gains recognition, on any trade show floor, but specifically on the G2E exhibit rental floor. This size booth is popular for a reason, it offers the potential for hanging signs and long-range visibility, multiple private areas for meetings or demonstrations, and has more electric than smaller configurations. We offer complete packages for 20 x 20 exhibit rentals in Las Vegas Exhibit Rental for under $20,000. Our exhibits are turnkey, meaning from the custom design to the delivery and dismantle, our teams handle all of your trade show needs. A 20 x 20 exhibit can be delivered in under 90 days and our teams will deliver a custom design within 10. If you are considering this show, let 20 x 20 Exhibit Rental be your trusted turnkey exhibit house.

For more information and to register for this show please visit, https://www.globalgamingexpo.com/Travel/.

We are not affiliated with the G2E show, we are an exhibitor appointed contractor.