Xponential AUVSI 2019 Show Guide

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Xponential AUVSI 2019 is coming April 30-May 2 to Chicago‘s McCormick Place Convention Center, is your 20×20 booth ready? This show joins 8,500 technologists, regulators, and users in a variety of sectors for the worlds comprehensive trade show for unmanned and autonomous systems. More and more commercial and defense companies are adopting and applying the technology of unmanned systems, saving resources and increasing security with robotics and drones and this event is a platform for all of the emerging technology and main players in this field. Exhibitors will share ideas, collaborate across markets, consider best practices, and convene on emerging trends that will inform business to come in this field.

Basics on Transport and Where to Stay

Chicago has two airports for your convenience to fly into, O’Hare and MidWay, offering thousands of direct flights to Chicago. Hotels are numerous and provide easy access to the McCormick Place convention center since it is located directly on Lake Michigan Downtown. From either O’Hare or Midway, the transport to the convention center is possible via the red line or uber or taxi. If you are planning events for your teams outside of the trade show floor, our street teams are able to plan and facilitate these as an add on to our turnkey service packages, rentals@exhibitexperience.com.

Booth Rentals provided by Trade Show

This show is 87% sold out, however, there are some good spaces that are still available and can accommodate our 20×20 Turnkey Exhibit Rental. The show cost break downs are as follows. Raw booth space for nonmembers is $39 per square foot and for members is $33 per square foot. Corner booths are a $500 add on for linear booths. A raw booth includes 8′ draped walls for linear booths, 3′ side rails, 2-line id sign, and start at 10×10 (100 square feet). Additionally, they offer a shell booth theme for 10×10 and 10×20 booths, which offer a bit more variety, with a 10×10 for non members $6,725, and 10×20 for nonmembers at $11,766. For members, the cost of the 10×10 shell is $5,620, and 10×20 shell is $9,846. These packages come with hard wall scheme, header sign, standard carpet, track light with one head, Set-up and removal, 42’h side returns, counter with sliding doors, opening day cleaning, cafe table, four chairs, and 10 amps of power with a strip in the back of the booth. This type of offering for a show is great if you are a first-time entrant, however for a small amount more we offer complete turnkey booths for very affordable pricing.

The 20×20 Exhibit Rental Experience

The 20×20 Turnkey exhibit rental is delivered with a full crew of labor, installed and dismantled onsite, and manned throughout your show. Additionally, we handle all storage and transport to and from the show with guarantees that your booth is delivered on time, with the correct orientation and accessories. As soon as you contact our designers, we deliver a package within ten days to suit your branding needs and can have a booth built within 60 days. If you purchase a shell from the show, you receive support, but share that support with hundreds of other exhibitors, at 20×20 Exhibit Rental, you would have your own team that frees up your resources to focus on your product or service. This type of service starts at $17,000. As a first time exhibitor, it takes a lot of the guesswork out of the show, since our team has been delivering these booths for decades. We have local offices in Orlando and Las Vegas and also have warehouses across the country. The support you receive is concierge-style and our laborers are true event producers rather than just contracted work. Troubleshooting av to electric, your booth is guaranteed to run smoothly at this epic show. Contact rentals@exhibitexperience.com.